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Exclusive Premiere: DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES ‘Alchemia Aeterna’ Full Album Stream

Article: Leanne Ridgeway Hailing from Oulu, Finland, the heavy rock / metal act DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES, who just recently announced their signing on with Italy’s powerhouse label Argonauta Records, are set to release their third full-length album this Friday on October 30th, 2020! DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES formed in 2011 (previously known as Deliverance); the band […]



Article: Leanne Ridgeway

Hailing from Oulu, Finland, the heavy rock / metal act DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES, who just recently announced their signing on with Italy’s powerhouse label Argonauta Records, are set to release their third full-length album this Friday on October 30th, 2020!

DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES formed in 2011 (previously known as Deliverance); the band plays a heavy rock and doom metal sound combined with black metallish riffs, yet a bluesy vocal style. Following several demos (including ‘Relentless Grace‘), live recordings ‘At Bar With Satan – Live In Haukipudas‘ and ‘Live Trial‘, an EP ‘From The Voids of Chaos‘, plus two highly acclaimed full-length albums (including ‘The Hour Of Trial‘) and several captivating shows to date, DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES gained the attention by cult underground label Argonauta Records.

Their upcoming opus, ‘Alchemia Aeterna‘, has a rough edge and live feeling all the way, and is not afraid to cross genres of the doom, metal, hard rock, black metal, and the blues. The album was recorded at the Anvil Road Studios in 2019, by Ari Rajaniemi, mixed by Antti Lindholm at Boat Island Studios, and was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door in 2020.

The band comments:

“Needless to say we’re extremely pleased to get Alchemia Aeterna out despite the fact that these are unpredictable times. Thanks to Argonauta Records for keeping things real and rolling! Some of the songs on the album are 5 – 6 years old so it’s been a long process. And it’s about time to let you here it. Stay evil everybody!”

We have the new ‘Alchemia Aeterna‘ album streaming in full for you today, ahead of its release this Friday, October 30th, so check out the album in its entirety below…


01. At The Crossroads
02. Under Her Spell
03. Caught Somewhere Out of Time
04. The River Deep
05. Veriurut
06. Cemetery Earth

On October 30th, DEEP RIVER ACOLYTESAlchemia Aeterna‘ will be available to all ears via Argonauta Records. The album is available to order on CD or digital download (or streaming through most outlets).  Grab a copy at one of these links:

CD | Digital


Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp

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Hear new music from three-quarters of Tool

Tool guitarist Adam Jones ropes in bandmates Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey to record the score to a new short film, The Witness




It’s not every day that we get new music from Tool… and today is not such a day. However, in a next-best-thing fashion, we do have music from three-quarters of the enigmatic Los Angeles band, with guitarist Adam Jones enlisting the help of bassist Justin Chancellor and drummer Danny Carey to provide the soundtrack to a new short film, The Witness.

The film serves as a rather grand way of launching Jones’ new Gibson guitar, the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom, a limited edition recreation of his prized 1979 Silverburst Les Paul Custom.

“I’m proud to finally show the world the first release in our multi-year partnership with Adam Jones,” says Gibson CMO Cesar Gueikian. “Adam is one of the most talented and sonically innovative guitarists. I call him modern riff lord and sonic architect. His creativity and technical ability in music, visual effects, production, videography and beyond is second to none and our collaboration is a true reflection of Adam.”

Earlier this week, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan admitted to playing two live shows while infected with the COVID-19 virus. The shows took place at the 12,000-capacity Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 28 and 29 this year.

Keenan made the revelation on the Joe Rogan podcast, claiming that a doctor had given him the all-clear to perform despite having lost his sense of taste the night before the band was due to fly from Australia to New Zealand to perform the two shows.

“I was just drinking water, hot showers, taking care of myself, hot tea, just trying to get through it and it sucked,” says Keenan. “But you didn’t know yet how bad this thing could have been. If I’d have known how bad it could have been I would have been freaking out.”

Earlier this month Keenan, who says he’s lost “a few family members” to the illness, told the AZ Central website about his battle with COVID. “It was ugly,” he said. “I survived it, but it wasn’t pretty.”

In Rogan’s podcast, Keenan suggested that conspiracy theorists who’ve claimed that he’s been paid to pretend he had coronavirus should “eat a dick”.


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Alice Cooper wants to play a terrifying game of truth or dare with you

Alice Cooper unveils Horror Box, his horror-themed card game. Snakes and spiders not included




Just in time for Halloween, Alice Cooper has launched a spooky new party game, Horror Box.

The game sees players concoct mix and match answers to fiendish questions, with points scored for the most hilarious combinations. A series of dares are also included.

“Minions, you know me. I’ve never played games with you, until now…” says Cooper, hamming it up in vintage fashion for the now de rigeur unboxing video.

The standard Horror Box game contains 420 cards, but expansions packs can also be purchased, including a Slasher Pack, Monsters Pack, Aliens Pack and a mildly smutty R-Rated Pack for that slightly creepy friend/relative in your life.

Alice’s forthcoming album, Detroit Stories, will feature guest appearances from Joe Bonamassa, MC5’s Wayne Kramer and Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner in addition to the surviving members of his original band.

“We finished the record before this whole plague came down,” Alice says. “We’re now good to go as soon as we get the all-clear.”

A follow-up to Cooper’s 2019 cover versions EP, Breadcrumbs, which saw the singer revisit his Detroit garage rock roots, Detroit Stories is earmarked for release in 2021 via earMUSIC. “It’s all about Detroit, and so I wanted Detroit players on there,” Alice explains. “It’s a good mix of people, and a good mix of songs.”

Cooper released a new single, Don’t Give Up, in May 15, describing it as “a song about what we’ve all been going through right now, and about keeping our heads up and fighting back together.”

“I’m itching to get back out there,” he insists. “Rock ’n’ roll isn’t over, it’s just postponed.”


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AC/DC once tried to smoke out the Loch Ness monster with fireworks

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson recalls a doomed mission to catch the Loch Ness monster. Drink was involved




AC/DC have undertaken an impressive media blitz to promote their upcoming Power Up album, but just when we thought we knew all we need to know, up pops Brian Johnson to casually mention that he and the late Malcolm Young once went hunting for the Loch Ness monster. You might not be entirely shocked to learn that alcohol had been taken in advance of this mission.

Speaking with NME, Johnson recalls that the duo’s failed attempt to locate Nessie, the Loch’s fabled aquatic resident, took place when he and former AC/DC bandleader Young took a trip around Scotland with their wives during downtime for the Australian rock legends.

“Malcolm loved his fireworks and he’d taken a big box with him,” Johnson remembers. “One night, we were four sheets to the wind and staying at this hotel right on the side of the loch. Mal just said, ‘C’mon, let’s go and find the Loch Ness monster! I’ve got fireworks and it might attract it!’”

“There we were, going straight into the water in our shoes, up to our knees, and it was freezing! Mal had a drink in one hand, a box of fireworks in the other, and was trying to set fire to the loch. We were just howling. By the time we got back to our wives we had straw in our hair and were covered in mud. What a night!”

Good times.

Good times lie ahead for AC/DC fans too, as the band’s Power Up album will be with us in just over two weeks time, being scheduled for a November 13 release via Columbia. A video for the album’s first single, Shot In The Dark, was released earlier this week. AC/DC surely missed a trick by not theming the video around monster-hunting, but maybe they couldn’t agree image rights payments with Nessie. Maybe.

Having re-connected with Angus Young, Stevie Young, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd at Malcolm Young’s funeral in November 2017, Johnson undertook his first rehearsal with the band since quitting during the Rock Or Bust tour, in Amsterdam earlier this year.

“It was like the atmosphere of a rocket launch,” the singer told NME. “Everyone was incredibly tense and we put the full back line of the band up. It worked immediately and I couldn’t believe it. I felt like a kid again and we just did 15 days of non-stop rehearsals. I can’t explain how good it felt.”

“We did Back in Black straight away,” Johnson revealed earlier this week. “If I can do that, I can do anything. And I could hear everything. We went through Shot Down in FlamesHell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be – the whole set. We did 15 days, non-stop. The guitars were so sweet. I said, ‘Angus, I can hear every little note you’re playing.’ And he went, ‘Oh, I better start rehearsing more’… Angus’ sense of humour. It was lovely.”

Power Up was recorded in Vancouver, Canada with producer Brendan O’Brien and engineer Mike Fraser, the same team who worked on Black Ice and Rock Or Bust,. Malcolm Young receives a co-writing credit on each of the album’s 12 tracks.


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